Papers in peer-reviewed journals

Tropes with a Kantian Flavor. A Solution to Russell ’ s Regress, Conceptus, 41(99-100), pp.123-134

Monographs & Published theses

Quantum Mechanics Between Ontology and Epistemology, forthcoming in European Studies in Philosophy of Science

On Probabilities in the Many Worlds Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics, BSc thesis, Institute for Theoretical Physics, University of Cologne, 2016

Published Drafts & Preprints

ψ-Epistemic Models, Einsteinian Intuitions, and No-Gos. A Critical Study of Recent Developments on the Quantum State, PhilSci Archive:12048, arXiv:1603.09463 [quant-ph]


Simon Friederich: Interpreting Quantum Theory: A Therapeutic Approach, Erkenntnis, DOI 10.1007/s10670-016-9823-9


Translation of Doppelt, Gerald D., “The Value-Ladeness of Scientific Knowledge,” into German, in: Carrier, M. and Schurz, G. (eds.), 2013, Werte in den Wissenschaften. Berlin: Suhrkamp.

More to come soon…