A selection of talks I have given in the past:

Epistemology of Simulation:

Why computer simulations are not inferences, and in what sense they are experiments (GAP 10)

Quantum Theory:

Reality Construction in Quantum Theory: Invariants and the Constitutive a priori (ITAS research seminar @ KIT; lectrue series @ GeKKo graduate school, Kassel)

Locality, Causality, Reality. Implications of Bell’s Inequality (SOPhiA ’15 satellite workshop “Causality meets Quantum Mechanics”)

On the Epistemic Interpretation of Quantum States (GAP 9; EPSA ’15; 3rd ISSPP)


Trope Theory, Resemblance, and Russell’s Regress (DCLPS research seminar; research seminar Philosophy of Language and Cognition @ RUB; SOPhiA ’12)