Recent & Upcoming

06/18 — My Book is Forthcoming in ESPScover

I can finally announce that my book Quantum Mechanics Between Ontology and Epistemology is forthcoming in the European Studies in Philosophy of Science. The book is based on my PhD dissertation, and it features a critical discussion of current interpretations of quantum theory. In the end I propose a Kantian twist, as it were, on epistemic interpretations without hidden variables, such as QBism or Healey‘s pragmatist interpretation.

06/18 — Visit to STIAS

I am currently visiting the Stellenbosch Institute for Advanced Study (STIAS) in Stellenbosch, South Africa. I was invited here by Chris Fuchs, after my friend David Glick had drawn his attention to my work. While my main occupation remains with the epistemology of the LHC, we here attempt to also sort out the philosophical foundations of QBism through a series of discussions.

11/17 — Call for Application

Adrian Wüthrich and I, with support by our spokesperson, Gregor Schiemann, are currently organizing our research unit’s Summer School for 2018. It will take place between 23-20 July 2018 in Wuppertal. For more information, please visit the School’s website.

09/17 — SOPhiA Satellite Workshop coming up

This year’s SOPhiA conference in Salzburg will include a workshop called Modeling Physical Reality, organized by me. It is going to feature Charlotte Werndl, Paul Weingartner and Laurenz Hudetz from Salzburg, Nina Retzlaff from Düsseldorf, and Miguel Carretero, Niels Martens and myself from our research unit.

You can find the program and other relevant information here or here.

02/17 — Visiting CERN

A large part of our group visited CERN for the last two days. We had a chance to see the antimatter facility and ATLAS, and we had some stimulating discussions with theorists Gian Giudice, Gavin Salam, and Urs Wiedemann as well as experimentalists Kerstin Borras, Michael Hauschild, and Andreas Hoecker. Overall, this was a pretty fascinating experience and the discussions lead to some interesting insights regarding such diverse issues as the relation between theory and experiment in modern physical practice or the epistemological status of the naturalness problem.

01/17 — PostDoc in Wuppertal and Aachen

As of today, I have joined the research unit The Epistemology of the Large Hadron Collider, a joint project between physicists, philosophers, sociologists, and historians of science, with collaborators from three different continents. More precisely, I am part of the project B1: The impact of computer simulations on the epistemic status of LHC Data together with Rafaela Hillerbrandt, Michael Krämer, Gregor Schiemann,  and Christian Zeitnitz, who are the PIs of the project, as well as Paul Grünke, who is the project’s PhD student. I will be stationed partly at BU Wuppertal and partly at RWTH Aachen (for 1,5 years each).

This of course implies that I recently passed my PhD exams in cologne. I am planning to publish a version of my dissertation within a span of two years, after some revisions.

08/16 — My BSc thesis online

I have recently published my BSc thesis On Probabilities in the Many Worlds Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics via the publication service of the University of Cologne. You can now freely access it online. I am grateful to both my supervisors, Dr. Rochus Klesse and Prof. Dr. Claus Kiefer, for giving me the opportunity to write on this subject – I have learned a lot!

05/16 — Presenting my BSc thesis

On the 3rd of May I will be giving a presentation in the Work in Progress seminar of Anna Marmodoro’s group (hosted by George Darby) on some ideas I have worked out as part of my BSc thesis in physics; sepcifically: on probabilities in the many worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics. I will officially defend my thesis on 09 May at the University of Cologne.

03/16Going to Oxford

I have recently been granted a stipend by the DAAD (German academic exchange service) / the a.r.t.e.s. Graduate School for the Humanities Cologne, and the University of Oxford has accepted my appliction as a recognised student in Philosophy of Physics. I will be visiting Oxford during Trinity term 16 (24 April – 18 June) and will receive guidance from Dr. Chris Timpson as an academic advisor. Additionally, I will be joining Dr. Anna Marmodoro‘s group The Metaphysics of Entanglement as an academic visitor. I am quite thrilled about this opportunity, and I am very much looking forward to all the new insights I will (surely) reap from my stay.

09/15 — Talks, talks, talks

I recently gave talks at the GAP 9 and EPSA 15 conferences. The GAP is the German society for analytical philosophy, and the conference is one of the biggest philosophy conferences in Germany. EPSA, I suppose, you may be familiar with.

We also did a workshop on quantum mechanics and causality, as part of the SOPhiA conference in Salzburg. The workshop was hosted by my dear colleague Nina Retzlaff from the university of Düsseldorf / the DCLPS (you can also find pictures from the workshop there), and included also Paul Weingartner, Alexander Gebharter, and Paul Näger as speakers.

You can find the slides of my talks from these activities in the talks section.